Patreon – Show Your Bird House Love!

Fans, Family, Friends:  Please support us by joining our PATREON!  Members receive a variety of incentives, including exclusive content and access to intimate performances!  You can choose what you wish to pay each month, and you can join for as little as $1.00. It’s worth it and it is the best way to support all of the work we are doing and music we are creating.  THE BIRD HOUSE CLUB awaits you!

November 19 was ‘Thank You Patrons’ Day on Patreon and we gave a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Bird House Club!! A special gift for our patrons was posted – a live MP3 recording of “Sometimes Honestly” from Hoxeyville featuring the one and only snuggly Huggy Bear – Mark Lavengood on the dobro!

“Sometimes honestly it drives me crazy but maybe you’re the reason that I’m still sane. So if I haven’t thanked you lately – I’d like to take this moment to thank you once again.”

We have been able to do ALL that we do because of this wonderful community of people who support us. Seriously we could not be more grateful!

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