Let Us Recap…Two Months In The Making

ALL IS NEW – Family, Friends, Our Super Supportive Community:

Yeah, we got so excited and busy with everything going on, we forgot to update our faithful website family about what we’re doing.  So, hold on tight, because we’re doing some bullet points with some fun videos and images!


  • The Grand Re-Opening Show at The Ark on September 27 was an amazing experience. We were surrounded by our supportive and amazing Ann Arbor community.  We really couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated crowd of people as we premiered brand new music, ‘New Story’, that had literally been written the day before!


  • As a treat, Erin worked to give us a little Halloween surprise for viewers with ‘Danse Macabre’ by Camille Saint Saens.  This was definitely stuck in our heads…and every once in a while creeps in during the oddest times…


  • Once again, Erin worked diligently to produce the costumes for the annual Halloween show and did not disappoint.  This year’s performance yielded costumes from SPACEBALLS!!  Check out the video taking you through the costumes of our previous years!


There are so many more updates that we are going to be sharing, so keep your eyes on the page.  We appreciate all the support and love that you have brought to our performances as we re-launch with a new sound, new look, and a new attitude!


Enjoy some images from the Halloween Show!

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