Our Patreon – You’re Missing Out!

Our Patreon page is blowing up!  There is exciting news on the page that we would love for everyone to enjoy.  All it takes is to create an account and you can support the band.

New things are on the horizon, and we’re sharing it on this website, but the goodies and ways you can participate are through our PATREON page.  A shout out to our wonderful and supportive ‘Bird House Club’!

Our Patreon page is a way for you to directly support the band, for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month.  You have the opportunity to receive *exclusive content, including *live streams, *demo tracks, *lyrics and *song stories, behind the scenes stories and photos, and you would be *the first to get new music as it is released.  You will also have direct access to the band’s singer-songwriter, Erin Zindle, who will be sharing regular posts and engaging with the community of The Ragbirds’ supporters through the Patreon blog feed.

We appreciate you!


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