‘Liquor Store’ Out Now! 09/14/23

Our new single ‘Liquor Store’ is now available everywhere you like to stream and download music!

It is released as part of the series of new single releases scheduled around the cycles of the moon!

Listen Here

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Written for a friend who died young after a lifetime of alcoholism, Liquor Store is being released on the New Moon 9-14-23 which is National Sober Day. 

Relentless low drumming beneath the hypnotic swirling synth organ melody evokes the feverish psychedelia of delirium tremens. The chant-like verse melody soars over the textured drone like a back alley prayer. With nothing more to say, the wordless chorus opens up like a raw wound that howls as a gritty electric guitar mimics the cry.

Please join us in sharing this song with those who might take comfort in it, as we honor my hilarious, loyal, giant-hearted friend and remember both his strength and his struggle. Tag yourself or your loved ones who are on the brave and often lonely path of sobriety.

In loving memory of Nelson Whitehorse.


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