The Ebird & Friends 13th Annual Holiday Show NEEDS YOU!

With the current pandemic, we are not able to perform the 13th annual show in a physical venue for a live audience, but Ebird has a plan to produce the show in a safe, meaningful, joyful, and mostly virtual way.


Ebird & Friends is committed to making this year’s event free for the public to watch via internet livestream. We feel that the message of this show, embodied in the love and respect the artists all have for each other and the genuine joy we experience when we make music together, is more important now than ever.


In order to create a high-quality show that is free to the public, Ebird is raising all of the artist fees and production costs through grants and sponsorships. We also welcome our faithful attendees and supporters of years past to help us financially to make this production a success.


Right now, you have a unique opportunity to support the struggling musicians in our community and to spread much needed hope and good cheer for others as well as yourselves. If you want to help, please consider contributing directly to Ebird via PayPal <— LINK

Have questions regarding additional ways that you can help make this show a success?  Please visit the holiday show page regarding sponsorship opportunities as well as additional ways to support us!
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